Stinging Nettle: A Natural Way to Increase Testosterone As Well As Treat Prostrate Problems among Men

We all know what testosterone is, right? It is the sex hormone responsible for manliness; that makes men muscular, have a deep voice, have hair on their chins, broad muscles and all that. Most importantly, testosterone makes a man have sexual desire and also be able to perform well under the bed sheets.

And if there is one thing that a man would never part with—it is his ability to deeply desire sex and excellently perform in it, right?

stinging nettle

On hitting the ages of 30-40 though, most men experience a reduction in their testosterone levels and instead their estrogen levels go up [Estrogen is the female hormone and has been attributed to fats]. What does this mean? That the man will not be able to perform as excellently as he did earlier in bed. That he starts balding. That he loses his muscles and they are replaced with fat tissues. It is because of this reason why you will see so many commercial adverts purporting to help men increase their testosterone levels.


Most of the solutions sold in the adverts are expensive and at times ineffective. In this post, I will tell you about stinging nettle (Urtica dioica or thafai in my local language) and how it can help you increase your testosterone levels as well as reduce prostate problems.

Figure 1: Stinging nettle leaves

Now stinging nettle mostly occurs as a weed on Kenyan highlands. [I live in Lari constituency and the plant grows as a herb along the Arberdare Forest where men urinate on it or pass by it without a fuss.] If the hairy leaves have ever come into contact with your hand, then you know how fiery the irritation can get.

Most local herbalists in Kenya use it as a cure for:

  • Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Asthma

How to increase testosterone with stinging nettle


Before I explain how stinging nettle increases testosterone, I need to point out that there are two forms of testosterone hormone in your body; free and total testosterone.

Figure 2: Testosterone

According to Webmd, a health website that seeks to explore almost all diseases, total testosterone is the total amount of testosterone in your body while free testosterone is that which flows freely in your blood. [If you were to go for a testosterone blood test, the results would show the free testosterone but not the total testosterone].

The remainder is bound by body proteins such as albumin and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) protein.


So how does stinging nettle increase testosterone?

  1. Stinging nettle frees up testosterone in your body by binding itself with the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). So when stinging nettle binds itself up with the SHBG, the testosterone that was bound by this SHBG moves freely into your blood stream bringing all the fiery attributes of the hormone in you.
  2. Stinging nettle is an aromatase inhibitor. Now according to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, aromatase are compounds that convert free testosterone to estrogen. This is not a good thing for a man because we said that testosterone makes a man look manly while estrogen would make you seem femalish.


Now when you add stinging nettle in the mix, the aromatase is inhibited (its action is stopped) and therefore your body get more free testosterone.


Stinging nettle and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)

Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is a condition in which the prostate gland swells pressing the urethra, in this way making urination a difficult and painful process. A study by the University of Maryland showed that many people in Europe have used stinging nettle to treat BPH with positive results.


Tips when selecting top 10 Best Cribs in 2018

A safe sleeping environment for your baby is a very crucial thing to put into consideration and in this case a crib comes in handy. The idea of having your baby sleep with you in an adult bed is often not the best thing to do as your child is exposed to many potential dangers making it unsafe unlike using a crib. As much as sharing a bed with your baby is beneficial to him because he will be able to breastfeed frequently, you may find yourself rolling on top of your baby or him being suffocated by the heavy beddings you use hence causing death. Co-sleeping may greatly prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) making a crib a better option to use since you can always place it near your bed to constantly keep check of your baby.

What to look for in a top 10 Best Cribs

Space savers-if the space available in your house is minimal then buying a portable or a mini-crib will be the best choice but a full-size crib is suitable if the space is big enough. Models that can be folded and stored are also available.

Firm mattress-this ensures that it does not sag under the weight of your baby which may cause suffocation and must fit well leaving no spaces between the mattress and the crib to prevent your baby from being trapped  in between.

Headboards and footboards-they should be solid and any corner posts that pose danger should be removed to prevent injuries from occurring.

Sides and rails-the distance between the rails should be small to prevent your baby’s head from being trapped. Avoid cribs that have drop rails as they may not be safe for your baby.

Convertibility-If you intent to transform it to a toddler bed then buying a convertible crib is a great choice.

Adjustable mattress height-buy a model that can allow you to either raise or lower the mattress depending with how much active your baby is.

Stability-a good crib should not wobble as it will not be safe for your baby. Always try to shake it first before purchase to confirm its sturdiness.

Frame size-the interior part should be designed to snugly accommodate a mattress leaving no spaces on the sides thus preventing any danger.

Single drop gates-this enables you to lower a portion of the crib therefore avoiding hazards that may come with the ability of the whole side being able to be lowered.

Teething rails-it should be smooth or covered with plastic as your baby might gnaw on them thus protecting his teeth and gums.

Wheels-if you want a crib that you can easily move around then models with wheels are always available.

Safety tips to always follow as a parent

Putting into consideration the safety of your baby is very important to avoid hazards such as falling, strangulation, suffocation and entrapment of your baby which may cause injuries or even death. The following tips is what we have considered in coming up with top 10 best cribs.

-Make sure to always place your baby on his back when sleeping.

-Share the room but not your bed with your baby.

-Toys, crib bumpers and loose beddings should not be placed near your baby’s bed to avoid the risk of being suffocated.

-Avoid dressing your baby heavily or placing a blanket in the crib as this may suffocate your baby.

-The temperature of the room should be comfortable for an adult.

-The sleeping surface should be firm to prevent SIDS.

-The crib should always be placed away from the window to avoid direct light or drafts that may make your baby feel uncomfortable. Your baby may also get wrapped by the curtains or use them to climb out of bed.

-Make sure to place your baby in a bed when they are more than 3 feet tall to prevent them from falling out of the bed.

-Avoid using extra materials to support your baby’s back as this may be hazardous.

If in any case you intent to use a old crib then make sure that it meets the set standards and have features just like those you would look for in a new crib to ensure the safety of your baby.

How to maintain best male health

Our country’s infrastructure is a man’s job. No matter how equal we might want to be, most of the people in this ministry are men. Look at masons, engineers, plumbers and carpenters- 90% are men. Man was created first by God according to the Bible. Though feminists might argue that none should have preferential treatment over the other, a man in the African setting is the provider and is the patriach who protects and looks over their family. So his health is of importance and should be paramount in a homestead

  1. Eat Well

Food is everything. An adage goes that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach and true to the adage, a man should ensure that they eat well and a balanced diet. So what makes a balanced diet:

  • Vitamins: green vegetables, fruits and smoothies
  • Proteins: Meat, eggs and beans. Take more proteins as opposed to carbs so that you can build muscles
  • Carbs: Ugali, chapatis. While carbs are good because they give your body energy, they should be taken in moderation. Why? Well excess carbs are converted into glycogen and stored in fat format. So, you really need to be wary of this. Again, whatever you take, make sure it is made from whole grain for example whole grain wheat or sorghum for ugali.
  • Water: Take at least 8 glasses per day.
  • Caffeine: If you are having weight problems, caffeine is a good thermogenic fat burner. However excess of it is not so good as it causes insomnia as well as red eyes and anxiety. So take it in moderation. Other than coffee, you can take green tea which has the same fat burning effects.

  1. Avoid Stress

stressed out man

Stress kills. Emotional stress is very bad for men because they tend not to talk out their problems. They therefore die younger than women who talk of their problems more.

  1. Be spiritual

Trust in a spiritual being so that you do not stress yourself all through trying to get solutions that do not exist.

  1. Avoid Drugs and alcohol Abuse

Drugs and alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health. It only makes you weaker and weaker.

  1. Avoid toxic relationships

Toxic relations could be with your spouse or even those fair-weather friends who only want your money and nothing else.

Check your reproductive health regulary

Today, men’s reproductive health is undergoing something really drastic. More men are reporting as impotent especially those working in this industry. Why, hurting your genitalia is not equal to a woman hurting her boobs. With you, that might be the end to your lineage while for her, it means just a scar. Men who work as blacksmiths and welders also expose their testes to lots of heat. This could lead to impotence.

Those working in x-ray chambers and with heavy metal such as lead are also at risk. Weight gain is also not good since it might lead to erectile dysfunction. When such things happen, you are asked to check male enhancement pills that work fast so that you can maintain your hard-ons and as such bear children.

Importance of Infrastructure to a Growing Nation

Transport and works infrastructure are important sectors in the whole process of development and poverty reduction. Their effectiveness, appropriateness and adequacy contribute a lot to the successful implementation of socio-economic activities. The impact of having an adequate transport infrastructure is lowering of domestic production cost through timely delivery, enhancing economies of scale in the production process, and creating economic opportunities. The economic opportunities include ease of market access; strengthening of competition; promotion of trade, tourism and foreign investment; contribution to government revenue, and generation of a large number of employment opportunities.

What is the importance of good infrastructure?


What about the people doing the infrastructure

Infrastructure is not all about systems and buildings. The people behind it are very important in ensuring that the whole cog works out. Why? They are the drivers. They are the key unit in having good infrastructure.

So what about the people?

  1. Technical Education

They need to be well educated since without good technical education, they will not be able to run really well. Possible staff training that organizations should engage in include:

  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Drawing and Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Plumbing
  • Water Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Quantity Survey

All these courses lead to one thing: an educated mind that is able to execute ideas with the best precision and clarity ever.

Thankfully, there are a number of institutions throughout our country and even abroad where young people can engage in skillful development of the technical skills.

Besides acquiring these technical skills in technical colleges, one could as well be an apprentice and in this way grow to whatever scale that they may want under the tutorial expertise of the mentor.

2. Well Renumerated

If you want people to work hard for you, you really need to pay them well as well as keep them motivated and with the right attitude for the job. Research shows that the best employees who really feel as though they are co-owners of the institution are those that are well paid, treated with respect and not micro-managed but supervised so that they can use their expertise in executing their duties. An article by the Forbes shows that pay is one of the most important thing to an employee to stay positive and do their work well.

3. Healthy and fit

Employees need to be healthy and fit. If they are not healthy or fit, you need to get them the best solution to stay so. Sick people are going to make your infrastructure lag behind. Phenq reviews will help you in getting them in good shape and healthy.