Viagra and Cialis for Instant Hard Ons–Are they safe?

Viagra is as old as erectile dysfunction. When men found out that they were having potency problems, they started looking for all ways to enhance their organs. This included going to herbal doctors and getting some prescriptions for herbal aphrodisiacs. When some of these were found to work, extracts from the plants were taken to industries so that new medication for male impotency could be make and packaged in a nice way.

While some were effective, others were far away from efficacy. They were placebos sold by unscrupulous marketers who were only looking to earn and leave the buyers ripped off. Others were effective but very unsafe. Viagra and cialis fall under this category. Though they are very effective–infact they are the most effective quick erect pills that you will ever ingest– but at the same time, they pose a lot of health complications such as:

  • headaches
  • flushing
  • upset stomach
  • stuffy or runny nose
  • nausea
  • back pain
  • muscle pain

If asked on recommending these pills to men suffering from erectile dysfunction, I always give a disclaimer. I have also read reports of men who have had cardiac problems even leading to death after they take these pills.

Another thing is that they are not permanent. One needs to continually take the pills until a time when they want to have a hard on or get intimate with their spouses and girlfriends.

According to Webmd, you shouldn’t take these pills if you are having heart complications. So what are the alternatives. Drugs such as male extra and testogen are effective and safe to use because, they do the following:

  1. Increase your testosterone levels
  2. Increase the length and girth of your penis.
  3. Improve your overall libido.

Quick Erect Pills: What You Need to Know

We are often faced by our male industry workers who are worried to the bone about their health. They have been struggling with erectile dysfunction and so they come to us as a last resort. The question they all want answered is what male enhancement pills they can use to get back on their tracks.

What are male enhancement pills

Male enhancement pills are over the counter drugs that men take in order to get hard-ons faster . The most common is of course viagra which is popularly known as the blue pill.

As men age, they find that they are not able to erect as quickly as they were doing while they were younger. Age kills the testosterone which is a male hormone for boosting libido very quickly.

What is erectile dysfunction

As the word suggests, erectile dysfunction is the condition where you penis is not able to erect at the correct times. Say that your wife is turned on and really begging for some skin. You on the other hand do not want those talks at all. You are there with your limp body wishing that you were not born a man since you do not know to to react to such situations. Well, do not worry because there are quick erect pills that can help you. Other than pills, we would first want to know how you got into that problem first.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

  • Accidents where your genitalia was injured
  • Surgery
  • Drugs that affected your genitals
  • Heat around the groin area
  • Stress
  • Bad foods that introduce unhealthy cholesterol in your body

Other than male enhancement pills, what can I use?

  1. Foods rich in zinc,magnesium have been found to boost your testosterone levels and therefore increase your urge for sex as well as make you a pro in the actual performance.
  2. Losing weight and building up muscle has been found to improve enhancement in obese men.
  3. Avoiding stress since cortisol kills your testosterone and makes you not think about sex at all.

What about size enlargement, do they work

For one, the penis is natural. When you get a small one from your maker, get satisfied with that because trying to increase the size does not work and will never work despite what the ads tell you.