Valentines Gift for My Grandfather who has Parkinson’s

My grandfather has Parkinson’s disease and during this year’s Valentine’s Day, I want to surprise him with gifts that he will live to remember. So over the past few weeks, I have been scouring both online and offline stores looking for gifts for Parkinson’s that befit this man whom am named after. But why you may wonder. You see this is a man whom I today credit for my character, mannerisms, education and all. Were it not for Parkinson’s, maybe we would be co-working with him on this blog. He is that guy who really knows how to inspire one and motivate them till they scale to where they would want to be. He is a cool guy who will walk with you throughout your challenges, help you become a man and still steer you to greatness when you think you have seen and tested it all. So here are the gift ideas that I have scoured:

  • Liftware level spoon

Of late the PD tremors are really driving him nuts and I think it is high time I got him the liftware level spoon by Google to stabilize the tremors. From my research what the spoon does is that it counteracts the tremors such that the patient is still able to eat comfortably despite how trembling their hands might be doing.

  • Weighted Pen

My grandfather as I mentioned earlier is a writer worth his salt and has penned many eBooks under his pen name. Right now, unfortunately, he is not able to do so because of the hand tremors. It is pitiful seeing him in that state because as I creative, I know so well how one who writes how bad it is when a health complication forces you to stay without writing. I really makes you feel awful.

So what I will do is that I will also get him a weighted pen for writing and will then see what effect it will have on stabilizing his handwriting on paper.

  • Compression Vests

One of the research papers that went through said that weighted garments can really have positive effect on anxiety what the weighted blankets and compression vest do is, that they somehow exert pressure on the patient’s body such that they feel as though they are getting a tight hug. This stabilizes their movements and make them less anxious so this is what I am going to do, since the weighted blankets are rather too expensive for me to afford at this time, I will have to do with a weighted compression vest .I have seen one by fun and function which is reputable company as far as this type of garments is concerned.