Do you need to be taught to play golf for you to learn how to play golf?

In my opinion, the best way to learn playing golf is grabbing your clubs and going to the golf course and start playing. There is no amount of training that can teach you how to play the game. If you go to the golf course and hit a bad shot and keep playing you will be able to perfect the art of playing. I started playing golf two decades ago and I am handicap 13 and I have never had a single lesson or swing psychoanalysis or any of that stuffs. I just grabbed my golf bag and started practicing the game and swing techniques until I perfected the game.

There are those who have been trained by professionals to play golf and it is not a bad idea. Nonetheless, you can be self taught and opt to do the following issues so as to become the best professional. The options entail:

  • Buy a copy of Ben Hogan’s 5 Lessons: The Modern Fundamental of Golf and read
  • Practice and continue practicing.

You can practice small and start with few procedures such as chipping, putting, and hitting shots that are less than 100 yard before you can start doffing balls with a driver.

  • Play with those golfers that are better, experienced, and superior than you. It can be frustrating for some experienced players to play with beginners but you will find some who are hospitable and welcome the chance to communicate some knowledge.
  • You can video tape your sessions of practice and contrast to an expert golfer who have a comparable body type and swing plane.
  • The other thing you can try is to visit the driving range frequently. For me, I had the chance to go to the driving range like 3 times/week.
  • Practice with a reason or intention and practice the correct skills

It is not about going to the range and swing away and you are through with your practice. A good practice can involve watching some videos on professionals playing golf so that every time you’re on the golf course, you can try to hit the ball in the correct way.

  • Read Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella

After getting a solid base in the technical features of the game, you can read the book by Bob Rotella. This book assists you to understand the mental features of the game that trouble all golfers from the beginners to experts. It is through reading this book that assisted me break the 80 and 90, and move from a single digit handicap to a 13 handicap.

Final thought

It is great to always understand that every golf swing is divers and there is not constant way of doing it. It is important to find different information and check on what best fit for you. Also, it is not that costly to start golfing and you can get things you need for your game at cheap prices such as cheap golf bags under $100 and you are good to go.

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