How do Obese, Handicapped People Who Can’t Reach their Bums Wipe?

Answering a call of nature  and being able to clean up afterwards always felt so easy and relieving for me until I started working at a hospice. Here, I learnt that not everybody cleans up after defecation let alone doing it with ease. It is usually a nightmare for most obese, sickly and elderly people who are not able to reach their butts. They are also too embarrassed when you offer to help them do it.

Thanks to innovation, tools that aid in cleaning up for such people for example the bottom buddy are in the market. These tools are able to reach where the victim cannot.  The Bottom Buddy which gives people their independence and dignity back.

Features of this bum wiping aid buddy

  • Stronger, re-engineered handle – It has a special curved handle that comfortably fits in the hand. It is long enough at 11 inches and can therefore reach the behind so well.
  • Exclusive release button – this is for releasing the used tissue or wipes after you are done.
  • Use with any tissue or wipe
  • Light weight making it very portable.
  • Storage bag – this makes it easier to travel discreetly with the toilet aid.

How to Use the bottom buddy toilet tissue aid

This toilet aid has a soft, flexible head with 3 petals like sections that can easily pull back to allow you insert toilet paper or wet wipes. They are capable of securely holding the wiping material. Once inserted, the tissue or wipes will completely cover the head. You can now use the handle to reach your butt area and wipe. For better results, you can first pass the wiping material in front back direction once to remove bulk of the dirt. Press the release button and reload the bottom buddy. Now wipe again using fewer sheets until satisfactorily clean. When done, press the button behind the handle. It will engage a rod that pushes out the soiled tissue. That’s how easy to use this rod is!

Pros of the bottom Buddy

  1. As its name suggests, it is a true buddy to the butt. This is because it is long enough to reach the butt area. Its length also helps in avoiding any unhygienic messes such as touching poo.
  2. It helps prevent the irritation that is caused by an improperly wiped butt since it guarantees complete cleanliness.
  3. It can be used by people with all sorts of disabilities including spinal injuries, post operation people and arthritis. Heavily pregnant women can also use this tool when they cannot reach their butt.
  4. The bottom buddy can be used to wipe front, back and sideways.

Cons of this toilet aid tool

  • For people with severe arthritis severe arthritis, this toilet aid may be inefficient as it requires the press of a button which may cause tremendous pain to the user.
  • Some people who have used it say that the release button is weak and easily falls off rendering the tool useless.
  • Another issue that has been raised by users is that it does not release tissue as it is meant to. Such situations eventually turn gross.

It is no doubt that the bottom buddy is a good and worthy investment. It only needs a little tweaking to address the issues that have been raised by its users.




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