When people hit a certain age, they become demented. Dementia has been said to be a condition where someone’s memory as well as brain capacity seems to go down. It usually comes with age as well as other health conditions. Different types of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease which affects people from the age of 60 and above. Another popular type of dementia is vascular dementia that mostly affects people with stroke

Common symptoms of dementia

  • Memory loss
  • Communication problems
  • Poor judgements and reasoning
  • Poor vision
  • Inability to maintain focus

It is common to find people who are demented not being able to remember their keys and look for them for long hours yet they are holding them with their hands. They also have slurred speech where you might not be able to make out what they are saying.

Seeing things from a far is also a problem. They might also come out as rude, aggressive and easily irritated yet this is not something they can control. Demented people might even run away from home complaining that you are being bad to them or they have just hated you for no reason. When you see such things happening, do not hate them but handle them with care since they are going through a difficult patch in their lives.

So how do you take care of demented people?

  1. Comfort in the bedroom

Make sure that the person has comfort especially in their bedroom. Though you should not do everything as per their wishes, try to reason with them no matter how difficult this might turn out to be.

  1. Respect and understanding

Despite how hard and how rude they might be, try to respect them and show them that you understand what they are going through. Once they see you as an understanding person who appreciates them and handles them with care and caution, they will also react by being better or trying to understand you too.

  1. Prevent wandering

Wandering of demented people might lead to them losing their way or running away from home. You should work hard to see that they do not do so. This especially happens when they wake up from their beds as they seek to go out to the toilet or elsewhere. What you need to do is get the best bed exit alarms for demented people that will be alerting you when they make a move.

Installation of bed rails also helps as highlighted in this post http://hosiped.com/safety-bed-rails-for-seniors/. However, you need to make sure that the rails are not going to cause bed entrapment which has been said to be a major cause of deaths as well as injuries in hospital beds by the FDA.

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