It is pretty much essential for you as a pool table owner to be aware of the importance of ceiling fan pool table light bulbs in your game room. With this in mind you can make it a DIY skill.

best ceiling fan pool table light

Besides with the so many options in the market, you can easily get lost, not any light bulb will do with your pool table. It is your devoir right to be on the lookout when choosing the light bulb.

Choosing the Perfect Pool Table Light.

Acquiring the perfect light in your pool table area makes the player to be able to view when he is shooting, also this makes the game to be more enjoyable. The whole playing area should be uniform in terms of lightning conditions.

It is also advisable to choose the light that fits your room and the one that illuminate the pool table area clearly.

Size Of The Tight That Will Fit In Your Pool Area.

Best pool table

If your table happens to be seven or eight feet in length (these are common tables used at homes) a three light shade fixture that measures in between 50-60 inches will adequately lit the playing surface.


Table size                                                    Recommended light size

3.5’ x 7’ table                                               3 lights 35” to 55” length

4’ x 8’ table                                                   3 to 4 lights 40” to 60” length

4.5’ x 9’ table                                                4 to 5 lights 60” to 80” length

5’ x 10’ snooker pool table                         4 to 5 lights 60” to 80” length

6’ x 12’ snooker pool table                         5 lights 90” to 110” length

Keep in mind about the wattage, pool table lights range from 40 watts to 150 watts per bulb. As a rule of the thumb, brighter is perfect for your pool table just make sure you hang at the right position.

Hanging a pool table light   

After buying the best pool table lights, you need to fix them right. When hanged too low, you might hit it with a cue stick, while hanging it too high, some places of the playing surface might be dim. Ensure to hang the light at the right place for light to cover the whole playing area.

Below are the steps to follow when installing pool table light.

  1. Find the center of your pool table playing position, this includes the width and the length of the table bed only.
  2. Put a piece of the masking tape right at the center of the table’s playing surface, uphold a plumb line coming from the ceiling arrange it to the center of the table’s playing area, then put a mark on the ceiling after the alignment.
  3. Measure the area from the midpoint of your billiard light to the midpoint of the chain on the two sides, then ensure to put a mark on the measurements on the ceiling.
  4. Pre-drill either one or two holes on the drywall, a very fast technique is to uphold a drill high to the shank of the mounting screw.
  5. Ensure to calculate all the chain links on the two sides, so that the billiard lamp is balanced, once the lamp is mounted you can fix it in a position where it will provide proper illumination of the billiard table. And with those simple and easy steps, you are done.

Tools needed are: Measuring tape, Ladder, Plumb line, Masking tape, Pencil, Screwdriver, and a Small Hand Drill.


Ensure you purchase the right light for your pool table, they are several options…ensure to choose the one that fits your pool table. However, if the installation is not on your fingertips, you might need to hire a specialist to do the work for you.



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