A safe sleeping environment for your baby is a very crucial thing to put into consideration and in this case a crib comes in handy. The idea of having your baby sleep with you in an adult bed is often not the best thing to do as your child is exposed to many potential dangers making it unsafe unlike using a crib. As much as sharing a bed with your baby is beneficial to him because he will be able to breastfeed frequently, you may find yourself rolling on top of your baby or him being suffocated by the heavy beddings you use hence causing death. Co-sleeping may greatly prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) making a crib a better option to use since you can always place it near your bed to constantly keep check of your baby.

What to look for in a top 10 Best Cribs

Space savers-if the space available in your house is minimal then buying a portable or a mini-crib will be the best choice but a full-size crib is suitable if the space is big enough. Models that can be folded and stored are also available.

Firm mattress-this ensures that it does not sag under the weight of your baby which may cause suffocation and must fit well leaving no spaces between the mattress and the crib to prevent your baby from being trapped  in between.

Headboards and footboards-they should be solid and any corner posts that pose danger should be removed to prevent injuries from occurring.

Sides and rails-the distance between the rails should be small to prevent your baby’s head from being trapped. Avoid cribs that have drop rails as they may not be safe for your baby.

Convertibility-If you intent to transform it to a toddler bed then buying a convertible crib is a great choice.

Adjustable mattress height-buy a model that can allow you to either raise or lower the mattress depending with how much active your baby is.

Stability-a good crib should not wobble as it will not be safe for your baby. Always try to shake it first before purchase to confirm its sturdiness.

Frame size-the interior part should be designed to snugly accommodate a mattress leaving no spaces on the sides thus preventing any danger.

Single drop gates-this enables you to lower a portion of the crib therefore avoiding hazards that may come with the ability of the whole side being able to be lowered.

Teething rails-it should be smooth or covered with plastic as your baby might gnaw on them thus protecting his teeth and gums.

Wheels-if you want a crib that you can easily move around then models with wheels are always available.

Safety tips to always follow as a parent

Putting into consideration the safety of your baby is very important to avoid hazards such as falling, strangulation, suffocation and entrapment of your baby which may cause injuries or even death. The following tips is what we have considered in coming up with top 10 best cribs.

-Make sure to always place your baby on his back when sleeping.

-Share the room but not your bed with your baby.

-Toys, crib bumpers and loose beddings should not be placed near your baby’s bed to avoid the risk of being suffocated.

-Avoid dressing your baby heavily or placing a blanket in the crib as this may suffocate your baby.

-The temperature of the room should be comfortable for an adult.

-The sleeping surface should be firm to prevent SIDS.

-The crib should always be placed away from the window to avoid direct light or drafts that may make your baby feel uncomfortable. Your baby may also get wrapped by the curtains or use them to climb out of bed.

-Make sure to place your baby in a bed when they are more than 3 feet tall to prevent them from falling out of the bed.

-Avoid using extra materials to support your baby’s back as this may be hazardous.

If in any case you intent to use a old crib then make sure that it meets the set standards and have features just like those you would look for in a new crib to ensure the safety of your baby.

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