Weight loss and testosterone levels are tied together. You have high testosterone, you are likely to lose more weight over a short time unlike a person who has low testosterone. The opposite of testosterone is estrogen, the hormone responsible for making females fat. What most people do not know is that both genders have testosterone and estrogen. Yes, women too have testosterone but in low quantities. No wonder you will see women who tend to be very muscular, are very strong, have a beard and tend talk with a broken voice. Their behaviors might also tend to be masculine if they have a higher level of testosterone than what the average female ought to have.

Men too have estrogen but in low quantities. No wonder you will find some men with man boobs, soft voices and also tend to behave in a feminine way. Do not scorn them or call them gay. It is just that they have too much estrogen in their systems.

So, how do you strike a balance?

Speaking of men, your testosterone levels should be high up in the sky. To ensure this:

Exercising and fitness

Make sure that you are physically fit by exercising and eating well

Weight loss has been linked to fitness. People who are fit have been found to also have high testosterone unlike their obese counterparts. So if you are a guy looking to boost your t levels, make sure that you love your gym. And it is not a gym membership only that will catapult you to greatness. No, you can also have your home gym where you train for at least 2 hours per day so as to keep your body well fit.

Zinc, magnesium and stinging nettle supplements

Eat foods with zinc and magnesium such as oyster, almond, pumpkin and chia seeds

Magnesium and zinc have been found to be great testosterone boosters. Getting magnesium and zinc from plants is not the best thing though because it will be bound by phytic acids and therefore not readily bioavailable. Having supplements of the same in the right quantities is the best thing. Kindly note that if you have too much, there will be side effects which are not going to be any good.

Other supplements include stinging nettle which has been found to not only increase your testosterone levels but also protect your from prostate enlargement.

Why take the supplements?

If you have ever studied the link between testosterone and estrogen, then you will know that the body is continually keeping a certain balance. When you have too much free testosterone, the enzyme aromatase have the task of converting all that free testosterone to estrogen.

At the same time, their is Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) protein whose task is to bind with the free testosterone making it non-bioavailable.

Now for someone who needs high testosterone levels, these two are enemies. Luckily with supplements such as zinc, magnesium and stinging nettle, you will be able to boost to stop the binding of free testosterone with SHBG as well as inhibiting enzyme aromatase that converts free testosterone to estrogen. A study published by  Springer link showed that testosterone increased with magnesium intake. Another one by Journal of Exercise Physiology showed that zinc is essential in free testosterone boosts.

Sleep well

Sleep is an important part in hormonal balance. For those who have tried the testosterone test kits, they have found out that they have high testosterone levels in the morning right after sleep. In the evening after a long day of hard labor, their testosterone levels will be very low.

So sleep is an important part in hormonal growth. Hormones are built when the body and brain are at rest. If you therefore want high testosterone, make sure that you are getting a lot of good sleep.

Weight loss pills

All weight loss pills have a testosterone trigger. If you were for example to look at the best gnc fat burners, you will find that they also boost testosterone levels so that your fat mass is converted into muscle mass and in this way, you become ripped rather than look obese all through.

This video goes on to explain the link between testosterone and weight loss



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